Creative and Performing Arts

Penrith Christian School provides a variety of exciting opportunities to explore and develop your student's talents in the area of Creative and Performing Arts. Our highly dedicated and enthusiastic staff provide invaluable mentoring and encouragement.


A recent graduate told us that Drama was the single most valuable subject contributing to her success in her Science Degree at university. She explained that the communication and interaction skills she had learnt, along with the confidence she had been given to speak in public, were skills she found most empowering.


Developing student self-esteem, social awareness and confidence to contribute and explain their personal ideas, values and faith is an important part of our Creative and Performing Arts Program. The genuine concern for their students' growth and development is evident in our teachers' commitment to providing individual feedback, performance opportunities and Artistic Displays.


Students are also encouraged, and given opportunities, to use their talents in the service of God and others. In addition to the regular timetabled classes, Interest Groups give students opportunities to use their creative abilities in this service.


Some highlights of the Creative and Performing Arts Department include: Year 8 Drama Olympics, short plays and monologue performance evenings, Music, Art and Drama concerts, 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' variety charity concert, Years 11 and 12 Performance Nights, Art with Punch, Musicals and Chapel Band.