Early Learning Centre Student Wellbeing


Preschool children are required to wear the PCS sports polo shirt. Where possible, pants/shorts should be navy blue and children need to wear closed-in, jogger-style shoes. Parents have the option to dress their child in the full PCS Sports Uniform, but this is NOT compulsory until they commence Prep School the following year.


Prep children are required to wear more of the PCS Sports Uniform and jogger-style shoes in line with our School Uniform Policy and Procedures. The full Sports Uniform includes the PCS polo shirt and PCS sports shorts.


For all children in our Early Learning Centre, a hat is provided for your child upon enrolment. The hat will remain at the centre for the year so that your child can always participate in outside play experiences.


Food is not provided at PCS. We request that parents pack healthy, nutritious food in clearly labelled containers or paper bags, in a lunchbox with an ice pack. A water bottle should also be provided each day.


It is expected that your child will be toilet-trained prior to commencing at PCS. We recognise that Preschool-aged children are often at different stages in their development when it comes to toileting, so please speak with one of our teachers if you need advice in this area. Remember to always pack 2 changes of clothing, as occasional accidents are common at this age, particularly when starting in a new environment.

For your child’s safety, the Early Learning Centre gates are operated using an intercom security system. Please notify staff of your arrival by pressing the ‘PCS Early Learning Centre’ button to the left of the gate. A staff member will then buzz you in. Only ‘authorised’ persons who are listed on your child’s enrolment forms are able to collect your child from the Early Learning Centre. Parking is available for Preschool and Prep School parents in our own designated carpark.


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide an up-to-date Medical Action Plan (where required) that has been signed by a health professional if a child has a known medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or anaphylaxis. Immunisation Certificates are to be provided as a condition of enrolment, as required by law in NSW.