Act of kindness from our littlest

Mrs Baines was moved by a segment on the radio station, where the plight of children in hospital due to COVID, is increasing.

The call was put out for artwork and other items to help decorate the wards where children are staying. These children are separated from their parents, either through their own diagnosis of COVID or due to the parents being diagnosed with COVID and unable to care for their children. This was a call that we could answer in Early Learning. The children spent a long time drawing and painting their pictures to help the children in hospital.

Mrs Perrin’s 96 year old grandmother made and donated trauma bears and beanies for us to gift the children as well. We packaged it all up with a letter for the nurses and pray that these items will bring some joy and peace at this time to these children.


Please click here to view the letter that was gifted with the trauma bears.

Katrina Baines
Director of Early Learning


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