Darcie’s Major Works Project

Well another day in lockdown, another Major Project from our Year 12 cohort.

Darcie E. constructed a Curved Door Jewellery Box, which is a very difficult, technical, and intricate project to attempt. She has done extremely well as you can see from the photos. Darcie’s project was constructed with Tasmanian Blackwood and American Ash timber and we would like to thank Knights Timber as the supplier.

This project involved making a jig to curve the doors, and Darcie took about five attempts to finally get two doors that we could use for the project. Each door has been veneered front and back, and she has made timber hinges to connect to her carcass. I’m fairly sure you will not see timber hinges in any project in the country.

Each drawer has been hand crafted with dovetail joints for the front and a through housing for the back. I said to Darcie that her marks improve if she completes the dovetail joint by hand, and I can still remember the way she looked at me. Through perseverance and many hours outside of class, she completed this process and produced a professional finish.

The false drawer fronts have been machined from one piece of timber as you can see the grain flowing through each drawer, and finished off with a 6mm border with the timber grain opposite to the main section to stand out with mitre joints to connect them. Each drawer has timber drawer runners, which was another challenge. However each challenge was overcome with a consistent and persevering attitude.

Well done Darcie, a very professional looking Major Work.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Howe
Year 12 Year Advisor/ TAS Teacher


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