Owen’s Major Works Project

Lockdown was not favourable to Owen, but he has done a great job for his Major Works project this year.

Owen’s table tennis table became his workshop bench and I can only imagine how it would have looked if we were still allowed to be in the workshop. Owen’s desk top was one of the most difficult processes in the class as it contained 12 pieces including a mitre joints for the desk border. The border and inserts were put together with a tongue and groove joint, and the kicker is, each insert needed a veneer adding 0.6mm to the thickness which he had to get perfect, especially when you cannot really measure how much extra thickness glue would add probably anywhere from 0.1-0.3mm.

I watched him as he was trying to set the height on the router table, he would come over for advice and I would say, come on you can do it keep testing, he was so annoyed at me. I kept saying to him, you have the ability to make this work.

I think he changed the height of that router table 20 times and then he had to leave it and set it up again the next lesson. After about 10 dry fits he glued it up and you have what you see before you. This student has so much talent.

Nice work Owen.

Jonathan Howe
Year 12 Year Advisor/ TAS Teacher


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