Transitioning back to school

It has been a big few weeks for all of us. Lots of adjustments for teachers, parents, and of course, students. Some of us were eager to return, others were reluctant, and some were riddled with anxiety. For many it’s been like the first weeks of the school year all over again except this time, we know there is another big break just around the corner! Hopefully it will be a happier break from face-to-face learning!
For those who are finding it an especially challenging time, the emotional and psychological adjustment is arguably more important that catching up on missed school work or gaps in learning. Connecting with old friends, forming new friendships, adjusting to the new/old routine and feeling settled at school is what’s needed to be open to learning. Finding your ‘groove’ as a family is what helps you all feel more secure.
Try to keep talk about school positive and avoid oversharing, particularly anything to do with COVID. It is also important that if you, as a parent, are prone to anxiety that you try to keep it in check around your children. Children pick up on this, and if Mum and Dad are anxious, then they are likely to feel it too.
Remember, there is a whole team of caring people at PCS who want to partner with you in supporting you and your children. Do not hesitate to speak up if you need any assistance by contacting Year Advisors/Wellbeing Section Leaders or
For more information you can click on these links;
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