Year 3 visit from Questacon

Year 3 attended our first virtual excursion last term hosted by Questacon. The excursion was themed, ‘Foldable Flight’ and Captain Adam, our presenter, took us through the design of a jumbo jet and what makes it lift, turn and stay in the air. We learned technical terms such as winglets (small flaps on the wings), dihedral angles (when the wings make an upwards V shape) and anhedral angles (when the wings make a downwards V shape, effecting the way a plane flies).

Together, we created 2 designs of paper planes and took them on test flights. Our first was a dart plane, which we made various modifications to and participated in online polls to share our results. The second was a paper glider, which most of us found harder to fly.

Students could ask questions throughout the excursion through the online chat and enjoyed the times given throughout to fly their planes. Overall, it was enjoyed by all and it was lovely for the kids to have something special to look forward to at the end of term.

Shane B (3D) - It was awesome! My paper plane flew higher when I folded the flap up. I learned that the design will affect its flight.

Isla F (3V) - On Friday we got to do an incursion with Questacon and they showed us plane parts and how to make different paper planes. I learned that there is a flat, curved paper plane. I had so much fun with Questacon.

Benjamin L (3V) - Something that I learned is that little parts on planes plays a major part into flying a plane. Something that I enjoyed was making a paper airplane. I also enjoyed learning about the parts on the plane.

Alexis A (3D) - I had a lot of fun this morning at the incursion. I chatted to my friends about it this afternoon and spent time outside flying my plane.

Bianca T (3D) – My flight was fun. My planes were wonky, and was still fun. Because it was called a ‘Year 3 'virtual' excursion, I thought it meant I would be able to see my friends. Although I couldn’t hear or see anyone, it was relaxing and fun. I loved throwing the planes and going on and on with the throwing. It was also fun teaching Blade how to fold planes!!


Year 4 Questacon Virtual Excursion
Act of kindness from our littlest

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