Year 4 Questacon Virtual Excursion

Year 4 was fortunate to attend an hour long Questacon Virtual Excursion on Friday 10 September. This webinar format focused on’ Flying Fun’.

Here’s what some students said about it.

Indyanna W: ‘4P's excursion was about an aeroplane and how it works and its features. 4P learned a lot about planes with this excursion. Some of 4P students knew a lot about planes but everybody learnt some cool new features. What I liked about the excursion was how we got to create our own aeroplanes and we even got to FLY them!

Joanna S: ‘Last Friday Year 4 joined a webinar hosted by Questacon called ‘Foldable Flight’ and it was all about planes. We learnt most of the important parts of the planes like the rudder, winglets, wings, engines, flaps and much more. We made paper planes and observed how they flew. Then we improved our designs by adding winglets, flaps. We observed what change happened when we added the improvements, like the flying range, did it nosedive or did it fly straight. After we were asked to ask questions in the Q & A section of the Zoom. They taught so many things to us and answered our questions well. It was an educational and fun time and all of Year 4 loved it and learned something from it. It was a wonderful experience.’


Major Works Project – Zachary S
Year 3 visit from Questacon

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