Beyond (Service Learning)

Our mission is to go 'beyond' ourselves by giving and going to the lost and the poor. We are called to be like the yeast that represents the kingdom of heaven, to be used to mix in with the whole dough so that we can make a difference in our city and the nations (Matthew 13:33). We know that we grow and are blessed as we participate in God’s plan for His people to show His love to the world. This vision, and the culture of our School, supports students to go beyond themselves and focus on others, through our Service Learning program.


Our students are given opportunities to learn, participate and lead in a variety of activities. In each Stage of schooling our students focus on a different project from WestCare Community Services, our local charity, through to the nations such as Uganda, Mexico and Cambodia. The students can engage, connect and raise funds for their projects in a way that involves their own time and effort. Every year our students and staff take opportunities to go on Service Learning trips - it is a great joy to watch young people go beyond themselves to make a difference for others.


Our School has a long history of visiting other schools for missions and cultural exchange. Over the years, hundreds of our students, and many of our staff, have been blessed to take opportunities to visit countries such as Tonga, India and Bali. Our teams visit schools, churches and community organisations to serve and connect with other children and young people. We have discovered again and again that we learn so much, and that our lives and faith are enriched as we take part in Service Learning teams. Many of our students have continued to be involved in the mission field in other capacities after they have left PCS.