Our history began with a vision from God to our founding forefather Ps Gordon Gibbs calling parents to bring their children up ‘in the discipline and instruction of the Lord’ Ephesians 6:4b (RSV). As seeds of promise and provision took root, God watered and they grew into individuals who today bear much good fruit. Penrith Christian School – with Christ central to all that we are and do – was birthed in faith in 1981 as Heritage Christian School from the ministry of Penrith Christian Life Centre, known today as ImagineNations Church. In 1985 the school became known as Penrith Christian Community School with twenty two students, one teacher and one teaching Principal. In 1989 the school moved into Secondary education with the establishment of Year 7 and in 1995 graduated its first Year 12 in the Higher School Certificate. We introduced a double-stream in 1997 and in 2006 became known as Penrith Christian School. Since our humble beginnings we have grown to a Preschool to Year 12 School with an enviable reputation of achieving excellence in a wide range of curriculum areas including: academia, performing arts, trades and sport.



The mission of Penrith Christian School is to equip students to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives through the provision of innovative, excellent and Christ centred education based on Biblical values.



The vision of Penrith Christian School is to provide a Christ centred education for significant and abundant living that gives glory to God; acknowledging Him as the One from whom and for whom all knowledge exists. Our vision is united with that of ImagineNations Church in providing a ministry that ultimately identifies and encourages the expression of each individual’s place in the Kingdom of God.


We seek to work in partnership with Christian families to foster the development of students so that they will ‘grow up into Christ’ as mature Christian adults, having an intimate knowledge of God through His Son Jesus Christ and a confident understanding of the purposes for which God has created them.


Penrith Christian School acknowledges each student to be the specific creation of a loving God with strengths and weaknesses, gifts and talents. We seek to identify these characteristics and nurture individual growth in the context of a loving and caring Christian community.


Christian education is far more than simply teaching Biblical Studies in the classroom. It is the constant modelling, teaching and reinforcing of the Christian lifestyle to effectively shape our lives. The quality of education does not rest with what a person knows, but who a person is and what that person becomes.